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Anju Panta - Nepali Singer | Nepali Songs By Anju Panta - Download mp3

Aju Panta is one of the common name in Nepali Music Industry. Her gajal " Nabirsiye Timilaai " made her widely re-known for her melodious voice. Till date she sang a lot of songs Movie Songs as well as Remix and Gajals. Today here we have some Songs by Anju Panta for Watching and Downloading. Enjoy your Time.

Watch Video Songs By Anju Panta

Download Sweet Nepali Songs By our Beautiful singer Anju Panta below in mp3 , just for personal use and Love Nepali Music.
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Banma Phulyo Phool - Click to Download
Basanta Nai Basna Khojcha - Click to Download
Goli Sisako - Click to Download
Jindagi Yo - Click to Download
Karkalo Gaava - Click to Download
Ma Pyar Bechidinchu - Click to Download
Na Birse Timilaai - Click to Download
Palpal roye jindagima - Click to Download
Reli Khola Bagara - Click to Download
Saune Khola Urlera Aauda - Click to Download
Ukali Ma Pani Hajur - Click to Download
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